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He assures us that he didn't attach a false statement.

There's nothing down there.

This big book makes my brain hurt.

Everybody is equal before the law.

Not long ago we heard a father say in the presence of his large family, "I don't want any of my boys to be lawyers."

Who do you think I ran into today?

He's a famous popular singer in Japan.

My brother is out.

I don't spend much time at home.

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I scaled Mt. Fuji three times.

There was only one problem.

Tell them to leave.

Gene felt he was rejected.

Tanya has stopped playing the piano.

When she entered the ball-room, in her wondrous dress of moon-beams, she looked so lovely, so different from all the other guests, that everyone wondered who she was, and no one could tell where she had come from.

Paracelsus influence was intense and long lasting.


She searched her pockets for the key.

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Remember what Steven was talking about yesterday?


Don't regard me as your father anymore.

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You know a few things about your family?

His car collided with a train.

I hope you're prepared to communicate under these conditions, because e-mail is most effective and convenient when different time zones are taken into consideration.

I objected to being treated like a child.

Purchase any necessary articles quickly.

Barney has a lot of guts asking Wayne for a loan.

She said that she had been prepared for the examination for three days.


Do you have a business acquaintance in Randolph., Ltd?

I don't know why we say it like that, we just do.

Take control of your destiny.

We could all die.

My mother has never talked to your father before.

Even having understood, it is a difficult theory to explain.

Why are you so angry?

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Same-sex marriage is legal here.

I don't think that's what Naomi meant.

Are you fully recovered?

Trust me on this.

Sylvia lives in Alsace.

It is essential that you present yourself at the office.

Patty is in desperate need of medical care.


All the songs we're singing tonight were written by Patrick.

Do you know why Tarmi doesn't want me to sit next to him?

Take me to your place.

When is Fred expected back?

Tuan is thirty at most.

We have to talk Marco out of this.

Clem tasted seaweed for the first time and liked it.


Are you lying?

The space station not only served as a laboratory and living space for astronauts, but also as a support base for other spacecraft which had the ability to dock with the station.

You can't live on potato chips.

Mark insisted on his innocence.

Can I be of any assistance to you?

Mickey told Brett he loved her.

I know that you still love Kory.

We can't turn back.

I ate something earlier this evening that didn't agree with me.

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May I look at that magazine?

Boy, was I wrong.

I'm very fortunate.

Susumu built it.

We've been working for five years now.


You said that half an hour ago.

The bigger man often wins.

The snake has a split or forked tongue.

"Who else would it be?" retorted Larry.

I cannot travel by plane.

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Compared to yours, my car is small.

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I'm really irritable lately. My favorite soccer team is in a slump.

The container is empty.

My sister didn't help me.

All parents like to have their children praised.

Dan's autopsy revealed a surprise.


My longest romantic relationship lasted four months.

The kid looks blank.

The benches broken by the vandals were already replaced.

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They were killed just because they were not whites.


He took me for my twin brother.

A week later, she died.

I'll have to work overtime every day next week.

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That man stole all of his money.


We sang as we walked.

Fred has stepped out for a moment.

He who thinks he has learned enough has learned nothing.

Gill saw a triple rainbow.

There was no one in the room.

Kyle can't decide whether to buy a new computer now or wait for a couple of more months.

After dark clouds, you get periods of refreshing clear weather.


I plan to study this afternoon after I get home.

The attorney has strong evidence that she is innocent.

Leif settled back.

Why should we bother fixing it?

Another problem is safety.


Miltos was standing in front of Dale's house.


Who's been talking to them?

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He lived and died in obscurity.

How did you come to love her?

Edith is a lot shorter than Andy is.

My house is a two-story affair.

You don't need to thank me. I'm here to serve you.

The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator.

Aren't you going to miss him?

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I like working for this company.


There was no sign of life in the house.


This should be enough.

I'll visit Mr. Brown's house tomorrow.

I just sat there.

How're you doing today?

Cue cards are used primarily on television to help the actors remember their lines.


I'll need several of those.


Did you come across anyone you know on your way here?

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But while I am here, do you think you could replace the batteries?

That is my priority at the moment.

We're housesitting.


You need to double-click on the application's icon to open the application.

My jeans ripped at the seams.

The baby was sound asleep.

Can you remember that?

Please don't lean out of the window when we're moving.

I'm in the kitchen.

Stephan found the exercise mentally draining.

I want a pool.

Hey boys, what's up?

Something very unusual has happened.

I should go there.

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I was very much infatuated with that girl.

If you want to talk about this later, just give me a call.

I will remain.


Tanya's hands began to shake.


The girl is pretty.


Provide water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.


Let's see if we can find out what the matter is.


I can't resist any longer.

She caught it for coming late.

Ramneek doesn't remember the last time he saw Lawrence.

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He is all but dead.

He thinks about her next trip.

Romain lives with his aunt.

No one knows anything.

It is a pity that you should lose such a chance.

You're joshing me.

OK. Right. I see what you mean.

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Tell me where I can find them.

You don't have a gun, do you?

The facts are frightening.

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You should've seen us run.

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I guess I should have known Julianto wasn't going to help.

Vilhelm no longer works here.

Ricky probably thought I wouldn't like that movie.

When Sandeep described me Randal's appearance, he "left out" the fact that she is very very fat!

You should take it with you.


Melanie reached the next level on the game.


He lost all his belongings.


John is careless. He makes many mistakes.

Did I do something wrong, Penny?

He gave me what little money he had.

It's up to you and me.

What sort of thing must I pay tax on?